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Experience Metaverse with Spot Virtual

What is a virtual space/office/classroom?

Put simply, a virtual space/office/classroom is a tool that conveys presence and makes communication ridiculously easy. Users can see each other, easily digest each other’s approachability, and can start conversations with a click of a button.

On a deeper level, a virtual office/classroom provides

A sense of “place”, creating the context necessary to intuitively understand where people are, what they are working on, and how they are feeling. It provides a persistent spatial setting to uniquely represent an organization and help develop culture and embed values and relevant information.

It’s all about a “sense of place”

Place is an important concept. There is something fundamental about the human experience which is spatial in nature. Place impacts everything from information organization to human interaction– all of which are highly relevant to companies and organizations. This is the big bet we are making here at Spot.

Create a free virtual space in a matter of seconds. Spot is a place for people to work, learn, host events, have fun, collaborate, mingle and create. The spirit and utility of being in the same physical space in a digital experience.

Be productive, together

Easily share multiple screens, stickies, images, and documents. It's as easy as dragging and dropping.

Make it your own

Use an existing template or build from scratch. Everything is completely customizable from the floorplan to the furniture.

Built for the web

Engineered and optimized specifically for a web experience. Anyone can join instantly with just a web browser.

More than just meetings

Meet in real time and stay connected afterwards. All the accommodations of team chat and statuses built directly into the workplace.

See how Spot works 
Experience Everbest Media Virtual Office in Metaverse
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